viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Diary entry "Arrange marriage"

Dear diary,
                 I want to leave my country because of the traditions here, sometimes I think I am not from India, because I don't feel like one, I am not agree with the traditions. I am from Bombay and I am 19 years old, my parents wants to arrange my marriage, but the problem is that I don't love her.

Her name is Bamela, she is a nice person, but is not that kind of woman I would get married. She come from a very rich family, but she don't know to do anything, she is accustomed that other people do things for her and I can't give her the same life as she have now, she will have to do homework like cook, clean the house and what will happen if we have a baby? 

My father told me that it is necessary to get marry her, because it is a strategy for business (Bamela's father is client of my father), so I don't want to be part of the strategy, I want to control my own life,make my own decisions.184 In the future my plan is to leave India and go to America, for a better life, as I said I don't feel like an Indian

If I don't get married Bamela my father will disown me, because I don follow the traditions, even if I don't want to get married I will have to do it, my family is the only thing I have, and if I don't follow the traditions my family will pass to be excluded by all the families here in Bombay and I don't want that, so I will have to get marry Bamela, I like it or not.

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015


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1.- steroid: any of a large group of fat-soluble organic compounds, as the sterolsbile acids, and sex hormones, most of which have specificphysiological action.

Sentence: Many friends have consume steroids to look muscular.


2.- Purge: to cause evacuation of the bowels of (a person).

Sentence: A friend have purge yesterday because he felt fat.


3.- Binge: a period or bout, usually brief, of excessiveindulgence, as in eating, drinking alcoholicbeverages, etc.; spree.

Sentence: Normally when people are stressed they binge.

4.- Obesity: the condition of being very fat or overweight;corpulence:
Sentence: I meet a guy that eat everyday and as a consequence he have a problem of obesity.

5.- Anorexia: Loss of appetite and inability to eat 

Sentence: some times when I don't have appetite I believe I have problems of anorexia.

6.- Bulimia: habitual disturbance in eatingbehavior mostly affecting young women ofnormal weight, characterized by frequentepisodes of grossly excessive food intake followedby self-induced vomiting to avert weight gain.

Sentence: when I was sick I vomit a lot and my parents thought that I have problems of bulimia.

7.- Manorexia: ?

Sentence: ?


8.- bigorexia:

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News Report

England can be a dangerous country for irresponsible tourists.

By Tom Riddle, Tuesday 25 August 2015

LONDON- Nowadays England is turning very dangerous, specially in the south. There are bands specialised in robbing to tourists. Thefts increase when tourists came to England, this summer was very dangerous and have no doubt that in September is going to be worse, because of the rugby World Cup. These bands take advantage of the innocence of the tourists. They have many tricks to theft without realising you have been rob.

Robberies exist in all countries, specially in developed countries like England, France, USA, etc. In all of those countries you can find cultural diversity, people with different cultures. Most of the thieves are from people of other country. In this summer 75% of the robberies were committed by foreign people. One of the reasons of the extreme security in the airports is the robberies, the police are constantly watching foreign people to prevent robberies at the airport.

Nowadays, the police says to take care of all your belongings like wallets and cellphones to prevent robberies, because the rugby World Cup is coming and there are many  irresponsible tourists that can be the target of the thieves. In 2012 80% of the robberies were made to tourists, and the reason was for irresponsibility. Many tourists think that by the fact of being a developed country their things are going to be safe, but they are wrong, the robberies are a mess, that's because of the million of people concentrated in one city.

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

Cry Freedom 

1.- When the police took Mapetla Biko wanted to know about him, the risk that Donald refers to is that Biko travels into a white area at night, the answer of Biko was "This is my country", "I go where I like", woods admired Biko's attitude.

2.- Mapetla hanged himself. He was found hanged in prison. The inquest find that no one was guilty of Mapetla's death, but Ken think that Mapetla is unable to kill himself, as Ken said "He Wouldn't..."

3.- In chapter 11 Biko will go to Cape Town to do some speeches to some young men and I think that something bad will happen, maybe he will get arrest or he will die. I think that something bad will happen because she said to him "You shouldn't make that trip to Cape Town" "It's too dangerous".

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jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

                                        "I love being here, where everything seems new!"

In the middle of the picture are some tourists walking around the city. At the top is the jet of a fountain located on the right oh the picture. The fountain is half lion half "mermaid", head of lion tail of mermaid. At the bottom foreground are two women looking to the camera. In the background are many skyscrapers. This could be in Asia, because of the architecture of the fountain and the develop of the country shown in the skyscrapers and in the caption that says "I love being here, where everything seems new!", she is not from there. All the people in the picture looks like tourist walking around. The wome looks like daughter and mother. The weather it's look very nice. The city is nearly to the sea. According to the author the place is very good, " I love being here".